Project dissemination

The EFFeCT project was closed on April 30 2018. We are committed to promote the collaborative learning of teachers to the widest range of stakeholders. For this reason the consortium puts strong emphasis on disseminating the EFFeCT project's main project outcomes, like the Guide for CTL, the Resource Pool, the LibraryGlossary and other project results.


International activities

During dissemination three major activities have taken place both targeted at influencing European level policy:

1. International webinar
2. Presentations at relevant EU-policy forum

ATEE winter Conference (15-16 February 2018, Utrecht):

Equitable Access and Inclusion in Education for Every Child in Europe (European Parental Association Conference, 27-29 April 2018, Milan):

3rd Scientix Conference (4-6 May 2018)

3. Promotional materials

Furthermore, results were shared through newsletter, leaflets and online media platforms:




On April 27 2018, TPF presented the results of EFFeCT project and the operation of the EFFect-portal together with a related OECD project, the Innovative Teaching for Effective Learning (ITEL) to the Hungarian policy-makers.

> Presentations are available by clicking below:

Hungarian leaflet is available here.

A tanulás jövője fb. page EFFeCT related posts 


The EFFeCT of Collaboration (18 October 2018, Riga) - international and national policy forum

Czech Republic
United Kingdom

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