Research and development

The project was designed in a cyclic way in order to build on the results of the previous phase with special regards to the development of the main product – the methodological framework.

The development process contained the following steps

1. Background research and analysis of good practices on professionals' collaborative learning:

  • The partnership established common assessment criteria for the elaboration and analysis of identified good practices.
  • The partnership identified innovative practices from different countries on different policy levels and processed in case studies. The good practices below were seeked on school, local, regional and national level by all partner countries:


 school level 

 local level


 regional level 

 national/international level

Czech Republic


The authenticity as an essential element in collaborative learning

CLIL - an example for the Content and Language  Integrated Learning on local collaboration

School Clubs - non-formal education - an example of national/regional good practice in collaboration

A development programme for the after-school Clubs  in non-formal education with an effect on the national qualification framework- an  example of national/regional  good practice in collaboration


school level case study (pg 6)

Peer-group mentoring as teacher induction for providing opportunities for new teachers and experienced to learn together  in a supportive environment (local level, pg 10)

Central Finland as learning region - establishing regional-level collaboration to support small municipalities providing primary and secondary education ( regional level, pg 14)

National collaboration in Osaava verme –network to sustain the development and dissemination of the peer group mentoring (national level, pg 14)


Workshop for teachers focusing  on school improvement and community building in the Pécs-Somogy Primary School

The Network of Teacher Learning Communities of Pollack Mihály Primary School in Kazincbarcika

The DeMo project for the networking of organisations working with disadvantaged children 


Hungarian country background for understanding better the identified good practices on regional, local and school level


Using EFFeCT criteria for the analysis of evidence to support and challenge outcomes Peer-to-Peer Observation of Teaching

Limerick DEIS Primary Schools Literacy Initiative- focusing on continued professional development of teachers to support best practice in oral language and literacy instruction in primary schools of the most disadvantaged areas of the city


The Standing Conference on Teacher Education North and South (SCoTENS) - An international example of Collaboration in Learning on the island of Ireland 


Collaborative Teacher Learning at Jelgava State Gymnasium to improve its performance with a new approach (Latvia)

Collaborative Teacher Learning at Tirza Basic School with diverse activities  for the local communities (Latvia)

Collaborative Teacher Learning at Broceni Secondary School assisting small surrounding schools to  develop their qualities for enhancing their students opportunities (Latvia)

Teachers’ collaborative network as a framework for implementing a learning model based on lesson observation and analysis (Latvia)

United Kingdom 

The HertsCam Network:Teacher-led  Development Work for the purposes of practice development, collaborative school based innovation and knowledge building (page 3)

The HertsCam Network:A multi-school teacher-led development work (TLDW) group (page14)

The HertsCam MEd – Leading Teaching and Learning (page 25)

Annual Conference of the HertsCam Network (page41)


The International Teacher Leadership Initiative – The case of Bosnia & Herzegovina (page 52)


2. The partnership has analysed good practices above to prepare development phase.

3. The partnership - using the results of the analysis of case studies - has developed the draft methodological framework in order to step towards the piloting phase.

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