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Facilitators and barriers of teachers’ cooperation in HungaryTóth-Pjeczka Katalin JuditCase Study2016huHungarian
A Curious Traveller’s Tale of the Development of the Methodological FrameworkKirkham, GlynnEFFeCT Paper2018EnglishEuropean Union
Evaluation of the Impact of CTLOzols, R. & Oganisjana, K.EFFeCT Paper2018EnglishLatvia
Principles of CTLWoods, P. A. & Roberts, A.EFFeCT Paper2018EnglishUnited Kingdom
Guidelines for facilitating CTL programmesEFFeCT consortiumEFFeCT Paper2018EnglishEuropean Union
Facilitating CTLRisku, M. & Pennanen, M.EFFeCT Paper2018EnglishFinland
Facilitators and Inhibitors along the road to CTLStephenson, J. & O'Doherty, T.EFFeCT Paper2018EnglishIreland
The isolation of collaboration: An exploration of the nature and extent of collaborative practice in a converter academyBell, A.Publication2016EnglishUnited Kingdom
Collaborative Teacher Learning: A summary of cases from the EFFeCT projectAmanda Roberts, Philip A. Woods, Leo ChiversEFFeCT Paper2017EnglishUnited Kingdom
EFFeCT Case Study Czech Republic - School levelNational Institute for Further EducationCase Study2016EnglishCzech Republic
EFFeCT Case Study Czech Republic - Local level case study CLILNational Institute for Further EducationCase Study2016EnglishCzech Republic
EFFeCT Case Study Czech Republic - National/regional case studyNational Institute for Further EducationCase Study2016EnglishCzech Republic
EFFeCT Case Study Level 2 Local Network of SchoolsMary Immaculate CollegeCase Study2016EnglishIreland
EFFeCT Case Study– Level 4 National/InternationalMary Immaculate CollegeCase Study2016EnglishIreland
EFFeCT Case Study Level 1 School/CollegeMary Immaculate CollegeCase Study2016EnglishIreland
When? Challenging Issue of Time and TimingKirkham, G.EFFeCT Paper2018EnglishCzech Republic
Where Is This Guide Relevant?Stephenson, J. & O'Doherty, T.EFFeCT Paper2018EnglishIreland
Who should be engaged in CTL?Oganisjana, K.EFFeCT Paper2018EnglishLatvia
Teachers’ collaborative network as a framework for implementing a learning model based on lesson observation and analysis (Latvia)National Centre for Education, LatviaCase Study2016EnglishLatvia
Collaborative Teacher Learning at Tirza Basic School (Latvia)National Centre for Education, LatviaCase Study2016EnglishLatvia
Collaborative Teacher Learning at Jelgava State GymnasiumNational Centre for Education, LatviaCase Study2016EnglishLatvia
Case of Good Practice - Broceni Secondary SchoolNational Centre for Education, LatviaCase Study2016EnglishLatvia
European Methodological Framework for Facilitating Collaborative Learning for Teachers, Good practices of FinlandRisku, M. & Pennanen, M.Case Study2016EnglishFinland
Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning for Promoting Entrepreneurship (Starpdisciplinārās mācības uzņēmības un uzņēmējspējas veicināšanai)Oganisjana, K.Publication2015LatvianLatvia
Why 'What Works' Still Won't Work: From evidence-based education to value-based educationBiesta, G.Publication2010EnglishUnited Kingdom
Concepts of culture and organizational analysisSmircich, L.Publication1983EnglishUnited States of America
Perusopetuksen opetussuunnitelman perusteet (Basic Education Core Curriculum)Policy Paper2014FinnishFinland
Building the New LeaderHayGroupPublication2014EnglishUnited Kingdom
The organization of the future arriving nowBersin, J. & Pelster, B. & Schwarts, J. & van der Vayer, B.Publication2017EnglishUnited Kingdom
Basic Education Act (1998/628)Policy Paper1998EnglishUnited Kingdom
YLEISSIVISTYS JA OSAAMINEN TYÖELÄMÄSSÄ 2030 – MENESTYKSEN EVÄÄT TULEVAISUUDESSA Hankkeen loppuraportti.Aalto, H-K. & Ahokas, I. & Kuosa, T.Publication2008FinnishFinland
What do we know about teachers’ professional learning?Menter, I. & McLaughlin, C.Research Paper2015EnglishUnited Kingdom
Authority, power and distributed leadershipWoods, P. A.Publication2016EnglishUnited Kingdom
Distributed Leadership for Equity and Learning’, Revista Lusófona de EducaçãoWoods, P. A.Publication2015EnglishPortugal
Approaches to research & development for ‘great pedagogy’ and ‘great CPD’ in teaching school alliancesMaxwell, B. & Greany, T.Research Paper2015EnglishUnited Kingdom
To start practice theorizing anew: The contribution of the concepts of agencement and formativenessGherardi, S.Publication2016EnglishItaly
Student leadership, participation and democracyFrost, D. & Roberts, A.Publication2011EnglishUnited Kingdom
Teacher-led development work: a methodology for building professional knowledgeFrost, D.Publication2013EnglishUnited Kingdom
Teacher licensing and collaboration: a model for developing the con dence of the profession as a wholeCordingley, P.Publication2014EnglishUnited Kingdom
Good education in an age of measurement: on the need to reconnect with the question of purpose in educationBiesta, G.Publication2009EnglishUnited Kingdom
Collaborative Professional Learning: from theory to practiceDuncombe, R. & Armour, K. M.Publication2004EnglishUnited Kingdom
Creating and Sustaining Effective Professional Learning CommunitiesBolam, R. & McMahon, A. & Stoll, L. & Thomas, S. & Wallace, M. & Greenwood, A. & Hawkey, K. & Ingram, M. & Atkinson, A. & Smith, M.Publication2005EnglishUnited Kingdom
Toward a Political Theory of Social Innovation: Collective Intelligence and the Co-Creation of Social GoodsPeters, M. A. & Heraud, R.Publication2015EnglishNew Zeland
Our body and mind are onePayne, H.Publication2014EnglishUnited Kingdom
Knowledge convergence in collaborative learning: Concepts and assessmentWeinberger, A. & Stegmann, K. & Fischer, F.Publication2007EnglishGermany
School Leadership for Equity: Lessons from the LiteratureWard, S. C. & Bagley, C. & Woods, P. A. & Lumby, J. & Hamilton, T. & Roberts, A.Publication2015EnglishUnited Kingdom
Developing great teaching: lessons from the international reviews into effective professional development.Cordingley, P. & Higgins, S. & Greany, T. & Buckler, N. & Coles-Jordan, D. & Crisp, B. & Saunders, L. & Coe, R.Publication2015EnglishUnited Kingdom
What is Collaborative Teacher Learning?Woods, P. A. & Roberts, A.EFFeCT Paper2018EnglishUnited Kingdom
Why Is Collaborative Teacher Learning Important?Risku, M. & Pennanen, M.EFFeCT Paper2018EnglishFinland
The International Teacher Leadership Initiative – The case of Bosnia & HerzegovinaUniversity of Hertfordshire EFFeCT teamCase Study2016EnglishBosnia & Herzegovina
The HertsCam Network Med – Leading Teaching and LearningUniversity of Hertfordshire EFFeCT teamCase Study2016EnglishUnited Kingdom
Annual Conference of the HertsCam NetworkUniversity of Hertfordshire EFFeCT teamCase Study2016EnglishUnited Kingdom
Research for ClassroomsSwedish National Agency for EducationResearch Paper2014EnglishSweden

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