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3.4  Evaluation and impact

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This chapter summarises the findings of the project EFFeCT in order to finalise the framework and methodology elaborated by the project team for evaluating the impact of collaborative teacher learning essential for individual and societal development and for facing the challenges of the rapidly changing multilevel societal needs in the era of uncertainty and unpredictability. The analysis conducted within the project has revealed that collaborative teacher learning is one of the most appropriate tools for removing the existing barriers to successful transformations and to achieve remarkable changes needed by every school or education system. It can be explained by the peculiarities of collaborative teacher learning which combines all types of learning (cognitive learning, affective learning, learning through practice) and provides a common open platform for learning and change of individuals, the society and organisations including also the building of joint vision for the unknown future.

As collaborative teacher learning is closely linked to the work and role of the teacher in the learning process, which combines traditional, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching and learning strategies depending on the educational goals, the authors provide also a comparative analysis of different aspects of these strategies from the perspective of collaborative teacher learning.

The system of measuring the impact of collaborative teacher learning elaborated within the project EFFeCT systemises different aspects based on which the evaluation of the impact of this type of learning can be realised using appropriate key elements as measurement indicators.

The main chapters of the EFFeCT paper (written by Rolands Ozols and Karine Oganisjana):

  • 1. Collaborative teacher learning  framework for evaluation
  • 1.1. The concept of education
  • 1.2. The purpose and outcomes of learning in the present society
  • 1.3. The work and role of the teacher
  • 1.4. Tensions for education system consistency and self-renewal
  • 2. Collaborative teacher learning practice – a case of the project EFFeCT
  • 3. Recommendations for practitioners for measuring the impact of CTL

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