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1.2  Orientation and user’s guide

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What does the Guide contain and how to use it?

The e-book guides the reader through the learning process following the path the partnership went through. The Guide for CTL is published as an electronic book that is available for everyone. Every chapter interprets a different aspect of CTL, and the chapters can be read and understood both interconnectedly and separately.

Using the button/arrow under each chapter you can turn a page forward or back. Click on the Table of Contents button on the left to see how chapters are structured. In the chapters of the e-book we intend to provide a quick and short overview of the topics, hence, short summaries highlight the most important elements of the theoretical background. Longer versions of those short summaries – scientifically substantiated, written by partners – can also be read  in the EFFeCT papers. These papers are also available in the Library, by selecting the same category from the Type list.

Under each chapter, related contents help the reader to further deepen in certain parts. 

These primarily scientific and professional materials produced during the project and uploaded to the library are all related to the given chapter. Among them, practical tools can also be found to support work in practice. The following icons help users to navigate to related content:

  •    Resource Pool Element
  •     EFFeCT Paper 
  •     Publication
  •      Case Study


Words underlined in the texts are explained in the glossary: their definition appears after clicking on them. When you revisit the Guide for CTL, you can pick up reading where you left off the section.  With just one click, you can scroll to the beginning of the Guide.

Search and design

Different colours of the main menus help orient users as well. Light blue indicates the EFFeCT project, yellow is for the e-book, red for Resource Pool, dark blue for the Library and green for the Glossary. Free word search is given in all main menus, click on the magnifying glass on the right side of each colour bar and it will allow you to search.

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