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1.1  What Guide for CTL is and Who is it for?

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The aim of the EFFeCT project was to pool  knowledge about collaborative teacher learning and systematise it in a common framework that helps design, facilitate and evaluate CTL processes. The process was supported by a research, a development, and a piloting phase (action research),and after the piloting phase all experience gained in theory and practice was summarised and is now published through this platform.

Thus, we regard the EFFeCT-portal as the European Methodological Framework for Collaborative Teacher Learning, through which the consortium has organised and published all project outcomes. The use of the website is very simple; all content elements are interconnected under a rainbow design, allowing users to start the learning process from wherever they are to find the most important ideas, tools, or inspiration to develop their knowledge and skills of collaborative learning according to their personal learning needs.

The e-book, titled Guide for CTL, is divided into four main chapters, all supported by related contents below the text in order to link the relevant elements of the Resource Pool and the Library. Furthermore, text-integrated links lead to the Glossary.

Who is it for?

The book was designed to supply the needs of a variety of target groups at different levels and for a range of people within those groups. Links on the EFFeCT website lead to materials for you to read, reflect on, play with, use, adapt to your own context and get you and your colleagues inspired to produce materials of your own and share them with others.

Primarily for 

  • teachers, school leaders, mentors, trainers, teacher educators etc. responsible for the professional development of teachers and the facilitation of the collaborative learning of teacher communities;
  • policymakers responsible for evolving the circumstances of teachers’ professional development
  • researchers interested in teachers’ collaborative learning;
  • to anyone who wants to get inspired and learn.

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