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3.3  Facilitating CTL

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This chapter introduces several aspects of collaboration situated in the educational system: 1) teachers’ professional development, 2) practices of education complex, 3) networks for teachers to collaborate, and 4) different spaces involved in collaborative practices. Through these aspects, the Finnish authors, Mika Risku and Matti Pennanen encourage readers to have a strategic approach to collaboration and, for that, they provide some guiding questions throughout the chapter. Their conclusion at the end of the Effect paper:

Collaborative practices consist of different spaces and these spaces need attention when facilitating the activities and considering the arrangements that enable and constrain the activities. Each of these spaces are useful scopes to examine the many aspects of collaboration. As a summary, it is easily observed that collaboration includes practices of various kinds and the strategies for building collaboration are equally diverse. We conclude this chapter through a few keypoints that are the following:

  • Teachers’ professional development comprise different domains and issues that collaboration can be addressed; personal, professional, and social domain.
  • Collaboration should be considered in relation to the education system as a whole including the practices of learning, teaching, professional development, leading, and researching.
  • Collaboration should be used heterarchy as a strategic approach
  • The collaborative teacher learning should identify and activate the relevant networks: e.g. policy makers, education providers, education leaders, students, parents, and researchers.
  • Collaboration as a practice is constituted by different spaces of semantic, physical and social space.

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