Glossary »  collaborative teacher learning

In the EFFeCT project, we perceive collaborative teacher learning (CTL) processes to take place in their socio-cultural contexts, and defined as teachers working together through purposeful processes of interaction intended to advance teachers’ learning, based on participative and inclusive values and a commitment to expansive rather than test-led or performative conceptions of learning. In addition, we understand collaborative teacher learning to include the development of knowledge, emotions and practice. We regard learning as the outcomes of individuals’ self-activities that take place in interaction that comprises of purposeful processes all aimed at supporting teachers’ learning. We believe that successful collaborative teacher learning is built on participative professionalism and deep levels of collaboration in professional communities, nourishing equity and reaching for deep learning.

You can find above mentioned approach and ideas shown from different aspects in the European Methodological Framework for Facilitating Teacher's Collaborative Learning, as we titled our project and as we regard the EFFeCT-portal.

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